"More To Prove"

Client: Titleist

Campaign: 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x

This game owes you nothing. No matter what you accomplish today, to be your best requires practice, dedication and finding a way to do it all over again tomorrow, only better. This is a truth demonstrated on every shot, every round and for every golfer. No other sport is more closely tied to constant improvement and no other golf ball epitomizes this more than the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Scott Stallings - Proving It

Client: Titleist

Joseph directs and appears a day spent with PGA Tour player Scott Stallings.

"You have two things you can control: Your attitude and your effort. Rent’s due on both of them every single day. Pay the man.”

This is how Scott Stallings summed up his new outlook on life and his career on the PGA Tour when we caught up with him recently at TPC Scottsdale. Hear how a medical scare at age 29 led the 3-time PGA Tour winner to a renewed commitment to health and fitness, and a daily goal of proving to himself that he belongs on golf’s biggest stages.



The assignment called for a strong, but authentic statement from a category leader. JN and team helped develop the brief and the pitch, and ultimately the script and the storyboard. As a director, he handled responsibilities in the cast selection, location scout photography, cinematography during the shoot, and supervised the edit.

WhereAbouts - Steel City, PA

First published in 2014 on all Titleist brand channels, WhereAbouts is a content franchise created by Joseph Nikolai. JN acts as the principal cinematographer and director. The anthem edit and accompanying edits all lived on a content-rich online experience. 

Titleist Golf Ball Manufacturing Excellence

Part of the 2017 Titleist Pro V1 campaign, this feature connected golfers directly to the DNA of Titleist golf ball R&D, it’s ball plant associates. Written and Directed by Joseph Nikolai, “Manufacturing Excellence” has aired on cable and online since 2017.

Three Generations of Golf

For many golfers, the game is often a family tradition. It's handed down from one generation to another and it can serve as an unshakeable family bond. We recently met the Puckett family and they spent the day with us sharing their story. Watch as they discuss their love of the game and how the Puckett family is looking forward to carrying on this tradition. Created and directed by JN.

"It's Genius" - Jack Druga Describes Shinnecock Hills

Interview, produced and directed by Joseph Nikolai.

Thanks, Dad

This 30-second television advertisement for Titleist aired during the 2016 U.S. Open, in a national cable media buy. Joseph Nikolai acted as the principal cinematographer and director of the advertisement.

"Titleist AVX Has Everyone Talking"

Titleist launched a brand new golf ball in March of 2018, and JN directed the broadcast spot, which involved a drone, a camera car and phantom camera.

Jordan Spieth | That's How You Know

“That’s How You Know” allowed golfers to go inside the ropes and experience visualization and imagination of some of the best golfers on the planet, as they affirmed their unwavering trust in their Titleist golf ball. JN directed the cinematography in Chicago over a two day shoot, and was the creative director behind the editorial.

Montauk Fisherman Tyler Maguire's Stoke for Golf

As part of the WhereAbouts | Long Island story, JN and crew created a documentary style story of a local commercial fisherman, and his love for the game of golf, and affinity for the Titleist brand.

WhereAbouts | Pierce County, WA presented by Titleist

Prior to the playing of the US Open, the golf world knew very little of Pierce County and it’s treasure in Chambers Bay. Joseph Nikolai directed and produced this preview for golf fans around the world, which aired on Golf Channel during pre-game shows on Sunday.

ScriptNotes - DIRECTOR'S CUT

In the second year of a two-year product lifecycle, JN faced the challenge of creating episodic content that provided entertainment to the viewer and brand affinity to the client. He developed a series of short videos that relied on specialized cameras and dynamic camera movement during the production, and a visual effect playbook that made the thoughts of professional athletes come to life in a way the audience could go inside their minds. Eventually the episodic web content became a national TV broadcast spot, garnering high indices with focus group testing. Since publication, this ScriptNotes visual effect style has been imitated many times in the golf industry.

WhereAbouts Long Island

The fifth edition of JN’s creation “WhereAbouts”, the 2018 installment captured local flavor of Long Island and its golf community and brought it all to life on screen in just three weeks. Check out the entire story, also directed and produced by JN here: WhereAbouts | Long Island.

We Are Golfers

Anthemic and diverse, the script called for a variety of locations, humanity and scenarios to be brought to life with authenticity and cinematic quality. JN helped develop the creative, scouted and storyboarded scenes, and directed a camera unit during the production.

How Do You Know

The goal was to communicate that most players don’t just think they’re playing the best golf ball for their game and situation, they know it. JN worked on the creative, the cinematography and the edit.

Titleist Pro V1 Tour Debut

Real golfers have always played an invaluable role in the design and development of Titleist golf balls. Our process involves players of all skill levels, from recreational golfers to the most accomplished players on the worldwide professional tours. Player testing, feedback and validation ensures that our products deliver the on-course performance that golfers need to shoot their lowest scores. In the case of the new 2017 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, we relied on golfers more heavily than we had in any previous product launch. In fact, over 80,000 golfers worldwide had a say in the final 2017 Pro V1 and Pro V1x products. The result - the most advanced and best-performing golf balls Titleist has ever produced. One of the final stops on the road to launching the new 2017 Pro V1 and Pro V1x took place at the 2016 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, where one final stamp of approval was needed before the Pro V1 and Pro V1x prototypes could earn the Titleist Script.