Mo’ Likes, No Problems

Have you been posting tired, boring iPhone photos to your social feed? Or you’re not posting, because you have nothing that you’re proud to share? Do you want to see more sweaty, smiling faces in your classes? Are you tired of seeing other instructors get all the love in their feed?

If you said “YES”, that ain’t right. I’m here to help fix these problems.

Let me help you post stylish, energetic professional photographs that will earn more likes in your online feed, more sizzle for your personal brand and more credibility for your coaching. I want to equip you with photographic marketing assets to post that not only capture who you are, but also make more clients want to train with your bad self!

You need photos that not only market you, but also make you feel confident, fired up, and even “sorry, not sorry”.

You need a studio style portrait session that takes only 50 minutes, but produces a gallery of 10+ professionally shot and edited photos you can post in your feed with confidence and pride. Photographs that get the people going. Photographs that put butts in the seats. Photographs for your feed that gives everyone not in your classes a serious case of FOMO.

Friday November 23 and Saturday, November 24, 2018

LifeTime Athletic, Westwood